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Firewall Configuration

Firewall configuration if important for both personal PC's and in organizations where people are connected in a intranet framework or internet. Our certified engineers help you in preventing unauthorized access of your system and also servers from unknown locations or from malicious website.

Malwares and viruses can easily make way through Internet. The main purpose of software virus fireall is to protect the system from unauthorized access by providing security barriers and packet filtering. There are plenty of third party firewall components apat from Microsoft which provide firewall with Wind

Firewall is a software program used to prevent unauthorized access to system information and data by someone who don't have right of access to such data and information, while using the Internet. Microsoft provides a firewall with Windows operating system. Windows firewall is a software component providing security barriers and packet filtering functions. Microsoft introduced firewall in Windows XP and Windows 2003 server. You can also get plenty of third party firewalls from the market. Firewall techniques are available in various formats like Packet filter, application gateway, circuit level gateway, proxy server etc.

However, firewalls can block you from browsing some of the sites but you can use this in a moderate way to get a good protection. It is important to protect you against mean hackers who survive on stealing your personal information.

Simply let us remotely (securely) access your computer over the Internet and our SystemCare24x7 Certified technicians will help you get started with your Firewall.

Scope of Tech Support Service :

Our tech support for Firewall include:

  • Block unauthorized access to your computer system or Internet network
  • Instant access to expert technicians over the Internet
  • Patch computer's security software
  • Perform a complete virus, spyware, adware, and Internet threat scan
  • Recommend and implement measures to help you stay safe online
  • Recommend, Install, and optimize security
  • Remove identified threats and test PC to ensure system stability
  • Shield and protect your machine from hackers and security threats
  • Skilled technicians for built-in Windows Firewall
  • Tech support to Setup and configure Firewall


Complete Techsupport:

Tech Support 24X7

Helps you in guiding and installing new software, trouble shoot your PC, software fix and repair of errors. Taking feedback and protecting your system using various virus removal tools.

Optimization of the System

Help you remove unwanted softwares, internet speed checking and optimization, defragmenting the system to optimize performance, removal of unwanted malwares, firewall setup to stop unwanted infected sites from attacking your system.

Installation and Setup

Server installation, web server installation, lan drivers setup, 64 bit, 32 bit operating system setup and protection, setting up of webcam for the office to oversee staff and their related activities.

 List of Services:

  • PC Tuneup
  • PC Optimisation
  • Internet Problems
  • Windows Repair
  • Virus Removal
  • Malware Removal
  • Printer Installation
  • Drivers Discovery
  • Drivers installation
  • Password recovery
  • Data recovery
  • Office support
  • Slow Internet Repair
  • Email problems repair

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