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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I set up my account ?

Ans : You can simply sign in along with details of your emails and the services you are interested it. Once your request is fired we automatically ensure that all the credentials for login are sent to you so that you can address all your concerns without any delay.

2) What happens when I use the "Support Form"?

Ans :All the offline questions pass through a request-tracking software. We use a system called RT or Request Tracker. Each request on support form generates a unique number which is tracked and put in the queue. Specific intervals are set up for each particular query for speedy dispersal of services.

3) My support period has expired, and I can no longer get the services now?

Ans : Depending on the length of your initial support period (1 month, 6 months, or 12 months), your support will eventually expire. Your support will be extended by providing a grace period of one week so that in case of any unwanted delay your services are continuously rendered.

4)Is there anything that support doesnot look into with?

Ans : Our services cannot look into all the queries that are asked apart from the services that are officially supported.
Making the decision in each case about what we try to support is rarely black and white; we will try to give as much support as we can.

5) Do you offer on-site service?

Ans : No, we do not offer onsite services . Our services are strictly restricted to handle your request over internet or phone lines. Any services as regard to upgrades, repairs and maintenance will be strictly dealt with using phone or internet media.

6) What type of computer or computer peripherals do we support ?

Ans :This depends on what you will be using the computer for the most. Some users will purchase a computer strictly to play games on, others will edit videos, and some will just want to surf the web. Depending on your request, we try to trouble shoot and provide support on need basis.

7)What type of data recovery services do you offer ?

Ans :a) Some of the data recovery services we offer are :

  • Virus attacks
  • Inaccessible drives or partitions
  • Unable to run or load data
  • Data corrupted etc.

8) How long does a support session last with a user?

Ans :The average session lasts anywhere near 10 minutes. However, depending on the problem your session can be much shorter or take more time. In cases when the problem are severe we recommend for remote session for sharing your PC directly with our support executive.

9) 9)What operating system do I need to have in order to receive remote technical support?

Ans :Technical we go with Windows XP, Server and windows 7 platform. Some flavours of linux like Ubuntu and Redhat we are currently extending the services.

10) Is remote technical support easy to use?

Ans :It is very easy if you are connected on internet and have high speed connectivity. Our remote technician can access your computer through the internet and are able to fix your computer directly.



Tech Support 24X7

Helps you in guiding and installing new software, trouble shoot your PC, software fix and repair of errors. Taking feedback and protecting your system using various virus removal tools.

Optimization of the System

Help you remove unwanted softwares, internet speed checking and optimization, defragmenting the system to optimize performance, removal of unwanted malwares, firewall setup to stop unwanted infected sites from attacking your system.

Installation and Setup

Server installation, web server installation, lan drivers setup, 64 bit, 32 bit operating system setup and protection, setting up of webcam for the office to oversee staff and their related activities.
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